K+K Messtechnik

K+K FXE Phase + Frequency Meter

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

External sensor device for temperature, humidity or voltage. Connected via network or usb. Measured values can be displayed in graphic and text windows and saved in log files together with FXE phase and frequency values.
Supported sensor devices are:

Digital Inputs Card FDI

Expansion card for an FXE measuring system with 32 digital inputs which are read synchronously with the phase values. The status of the inputs is displayed in the interface and can be used to control other components.'

Micro Phase Stepper SCR

Plug-in board for an FXE measurement card. Scrambles the reference phase during the report interval to reduce residuals.

Display & Control Panel DCP

Display & Control Panel for FXE. Contains an Android-based computer with touch sensitive color display, running an application to display the measured values and to control the FXE settings. Other Features:

  • Saving log files to an SD card
  • Coupling to other devices via WLAN
  • Wireless Dual-screen operation by a standard tablet computer

Switched Power Supply SWP

Switched Power supply for one or more FXE cards in various configurations

Embedded PC Unit ePC

Embedded PC for installation in a 19" frame. Windows-based, so that the existing Windows application can be run. Connectors in the front panel for monitor, USB, and Ethernet.

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