K+K Messtechnik

K+K FXE Phase + Frequency Meter

K+K FXE-m is the mobile version of the FXE precision measurement device for high resolution time, phase and frequency measures. FXE-m uses the same methods and algorithms as FXE, which have been in use for many years to supervise and controll atomic clocks and satellites (for example by official institutes as the PTB in Germany).

The K+K FXE-m device can be integrated in local networks, all currently used interfaces as LAN, CAN, USB, Bluetooth etc. are supported. Visualization and protocol software for Windows, Linux, Labview and mobile devices (Android) are available, customer specific adaption are possible.

Product specifications:

  • portable frequency and phase measurement with highest precision
  • Resolution single shot: Phase: 12 ps; Frequency: 10-11 @ 1s
  • Average resolution: Phase: 1 ps @ 1s; Frequency: 3*10-13 @ 1s
  • Reference clock: External 10 MHz clock (optional internal OCXO)
  • Input channels: 4 or 8 input signals, 4 kHz..130 MHz, min. 0dBm

Product features:

  • Android based precision measurement device
  • High resolution 7” touch screen
  • Interfaces: LAN, CAN, WLAN, WLAN-direct, Bluetooth
  • Internal memory card for storing protocol files
  • Dual screen option: wireless connection to additional tablets or smartphones
  • Well known user interface , additional Android apps can be installed

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