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K+K Real Time Clock KL-3400

K+K KL-3400 is a clock generator for extreme demands for stability and security. Combining several precision oscillators allows to compensate their differences and to recognize faulty oscillators.

The purpose of the K+K KL-3400 Real Time Software Clock is to provide a stable clock signal based on the short term frequency stability of the built-in OCXO, the medium term frequency stability of a set of atomic clocks, and the long term timing accuracy of a GPS timing receiver, which -- within reasonable limits -- will continue its phase track even if one of the contributing clocks fails.

Benefits from the Software Clock are:

  • Improved stability as compared to a single atomic clock due to ensemble averaging over a set of up to 7 clocks
  • Automatic steering to UTC(GPS)
  • Additional phase and/or frequency steering on operator command
  • Continuous consistency check among the atomic clocks
  • Robustness against clock failures
  • Easy clock maintenance without interruption of the Software Clock output signal

The primary realization of the software clock time scale are a 10 MHz output signal plus a 1PPS timing output coherently derived from these 10 MHz. As an option, additional outputs may be provided as needed.

All the components of the K+K KL-3400 Real Time Clock hardware are mounted into a single 19" frame with a width of 84TE and a height of 3HE. It basically consists of

  • A clock generator board generating (at least) 10MHz and a 1PPS from an OCXO
  • Two multi-channel phase meter boards for up to 7 clock input channels
  • A time interval counter for the 1PPS measurement of SWC time to GPS time
  • A power supply

The hardware of the K+K KL-3400 Real Real Time Clock consists of several boards, each with a front panel.Optional generators for additional signals (like 5MHz or 100MHz), distribution amplifiers etc. complete the picture.

A standard PC running Windows is used as a terminal.

The KL-3400 was developed with support from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB, Germany, with financial support from Federal Ministry of Economics. It is distributed by Lange Electronic, Gerlinden, Germany.

Product features:

  • Increased stability compared to a single atomic clock by controlling and averaging up to 15 atomic clocks
  • Automatic time scale steering based on UTC(GNSS) or a local laboratory time base
  • Additional phase and frequency offsets by user commands
  • Permanent supervising of all connected atomic clocks
  • Automatic removal of faulty clocks
  • No interruption of the output signal during maintenance procedures
  • PC connection via LAN
  • Comes complete with controlling and visualization software
  • Specific customer adaption possible

Measurement cards specifications:

  • Phase measurement based on K+K FXE
  • Clock measurement & OCXO update rate: 10 Hz
  • Precision phase difference: 1.5 ps @ 100ms
  • Precision frequency: 1.5E-11 @ 100ms .. 1E-15 @ 1h
  • Stability of internal OCXOs: 3E-13 @ 1..10s
  • Phase Noise @ 1Hz: < -116 dBc/Hz
  • PC connection via LAN

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