K+K Messtechnik

K+K GPS Receiver GPS6

The K+K GPS6 receiver allows to provide measurement devices with a time and frequency reference, having the precision and stability of an atomic clock (the clock of the GPS satellite) without the need to integrate a real atomic clock.

The received time signal is stabilized by an additional controlling circuit based on an OCXO (or a Rubidium oscillator). In this way it is possible to generate an frequency reference output signal, which is very stable for short and long term measures.

Based on this precise reference frequency, a new improved, more stable 1PPS signal can be generated, which is necessary for many measurement applications.

Product features:

  • Time and frequency reference for measurement applications
  • Combines integrated GPS receiver and OCXO for stabilization
  • Output: very stable 1PPS and 10 MHz signal
  • Very high frequency stabililty for short and long term measurements
  • RS232 interface
  • Comes complete with controlling and visualization software
  • Specific customer adaption possible

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