K+K Messtechnik

K+K FXX Graphical User Interface

FXX is the K+K graphical user interface for high-precision phase and frequency measuring devices. It has the following basic functions:

  • Visualization of measured data in real time as numerical values or as graphics
  • Generation of log files on the PC for later analysis of the measured values
  • Client / server function for transmitting measured data to other PCs

FXX is a multi-window interface. Any number of resizable and freely locatable windows can be used. For each graphics or text window, measurement data from one or more channels may be selected and stored in different forms, e.g. presented as a phase difference or as a frequency.

In addition, FXX is also a multi-source interface. Measured values from multiple sources can be processed and displayed simultaneously. A source is a connection to a FXE device, i.e. several devices can be connected at the same time. In addition, up to 4 different connections (users) with different measurement modes can be set up per device, in order to achieve e.g. to display different measuring rates or average values in different windows.

In addition to FXE devices, sensor devices (measuring temperature, humidity or voltage) can be defined as additional sources.

For each source, log files can be generated in several formats (e.g., phase, frequency ect.). Different file directories can be defined to ensure clarity even at high data rates and many simultaneous measurements. The names of source and channels are also found in the log files.

Typically, the FXX software receives measurement data from an FXE device via an interface, such as USB. It can also work as a server for other computers connected via Ethernet.